Lancia Zeta



Japanese Zeta (P. Cliffe)
The first thing to say about this Lancia car is that it is not really a true Lancia! (Editor's note: Of course, that's what they said about the Beta8-)) The Zeta is produced in the Peugeot/Fiat Sevelnor plant in Valenciennes in northern France and shares production lines with it's sisters Citroen Evasion, Peugeot 806 and Fiat Ulysse. Those cars use the same platform, coded U6. The project originated from PSA (Peugeot/Citroen) and it seems that Fiat only paid for it with no involvment in development.

The Zeta is Lancia because of it's specific grid, head lamps and Alcantara seats... and the two litre turbo engine on some versions. It's retail price is about £10,000 more than the Ulysse model so many customers are reluctant to spend so much extra money for so little gain.

Maintainer: Andrew Cliffe
Last update: 1st April 2001