Lancia Dialpha 18hp



The Alfa was still in production in the summer of 1908 when production of the Dialfa (aka 18 HP six) began. The car had been displayed at the Turin Show in January, however a larger chassis was developed before it was made available to customers.

The design was very similar to the Alfa, with a six-cylinder engine set out in three pairs. This was one of the world's first, derived directly from the Alfa's four-cylinder engine. The six-cylinder used the same twin-cylinder blocks and heads, but was fitted with three instead of two, along with an extended crankcase. With these modifications, the capacity increased to 3815 cc, producing 40 bhp at 1500 rpm. In order to cool the larger engine, a fan was fitted, and a larger clutch was required to deal with the extra power.

Despite the increase in chassis weight, the car was capable of around 70 mph (110 km/h). Surprisingly, it was not a great success. Only 23 were sold in 1908 and 1909, at least one a special 'Corsa' model for competition use.

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