Autobianchi A112



In 1974, the Lancia sales network took over distribution of the Autobianchi models, starting with the A112, a small elegant front wheel drive car, which came in three versions: Base, Elegant and the Abarth Sports. The two standard models were fitted with 903cc engines producing 42 bhp. The Abarth model had a larger 982cc engine producing 58 bhp, later increased to 1050cc and 70 bhp. This gave a top speed of 160 km/hr.

The Autobianchi company was created in 1955 out of the ashes of the former Edoardo Bianchi company, manufacturer of cars and bicycles, by Edoardo Bianchi himself, Fiat and Pirelli. Two years later it merged with Fiat, but at the start it maintained its independent sales network under the Autobianchi trademark. The A112 which enjoyed considerable market success from the start, in Italy and abroad, was launched in 1969.

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