Lancia Trevi

Sometimes compared to the 'USS Enterprise' due to Bellini's unusual dashboard design, the Trevi ('Tre Volumi' - i.e. 'Three Box') was a fairly normal looking three-box car introduced for those customers who wanted a sedan but didn't like the look of the Berlina.

The Trevi was the first Beta to be offered with the Volumex engine as an option, and was claimed to be the first production supercharged car for fifty years. The Volumex supercharger was a roots-type two-lobe rotor design of 1130 cc capacity, running at 1.32 times engine speed, and was designed by Lampredi while working for Abarth. Early cars used the standard Beta gear ratios, but after the release of the HPE Volumex and Volumex Coupe the same higher ratio gearbox was fitted to all Volumex cars. The Trevi Volumex was fitted with a front bib spoiler to improve aerodynamics and high-speed stability, but unlike the other Volumex cars had no spoiler fitted at the rear.

There is one factory RHD Trevi Volumex (I know I said otherwise above, but I was lying 8-)), which was built originally for the Italian Embassy in Pakistan, before eventually being brought to the UK. It's owner is unlikely to be putting it up for sale in the forseeable future ! In addition, a small number of LPG powered Trevi Volumexes were sold.

One special version of the Trevi was produced, the Trevi bi-motore, fitted with two Volumex engines, one under the hood driving the front wheels, and one at the back driving the rear wheels (with large air scoops fitted to the rear doors). The two gearboxes were linked together, and an electronically controlled throttle replaced the mechanical system to allow the two engines to work together. The car was used as a testbed for the tyres being developed for high performance rally cars (specifically the Delta S4).

Maintainer: Andrew Cliffe
Last update: 1st April 2001