Lancia Beta manufacture

The majority of Betas were built and assembled by Lancia, however the Spiders had a very complicated birth which began with a Beta Coupe bodyshell being shipped to Zagato to have the roof removed and the rear of the body restyled and strengthened, then back to Lancia for rust proofing, then back to Zagato for paint and upholstery before finally being shipped back to Lancia for the remaining mechanical parts. The Montecarlo and Scorpion models were manufactured by Pininfarina.

In addition, for several countries the cars were shipped out in 'CKD' (Complete Knocked Down) kit form to be assembled locally. Cars assembled in South Africa and Thailand were fitted with standard 1995 cc engines, however those assembled by Seat in Spain used a locally produced 1919 cc version of the twin-cam engine.

Maintainer: Andrew Cliffe
Last update: 1st April 2001