Lancia Beta HPE

Estate' or 'High Performance Executive'. In either case, the High Performance part was true in its day, and at least in IE or Volumex form the HPE will still keep up with or outperform some current 'performance' cars. Depending on your point of view, the HPE is either a small estate car (station wagon) or a large hatchback, and with the rear seats folded there's enough space for two people to sleep in the back (three if they're friendly8-))!

The front of the car (to the rear of the doors) is identical to the Coupe (and mechanical and body parts are interchangeable). The wheelbase is longer, being based on the Berlina floorpan, and at the rear of the car the hatchback is quite steeply raked compared to the normal vertical rear doors on most estate cars. Handling and performance are not quite as good as the Coupe, Montecarlo or Spider, but still respectable.

The Volumex cars received the same treatment as the Coupes, except for the Recaro seats. 

Production (approx) : total 71,300, US 1,600

Maintainer: Andrew Cliffe
Last update: 1st April 2001